Internet Marketing


Social Media optimization could be a term that relates to range of social media websites and communities to get content and increase awareness of a product, brand or any event.

SMO could be a vast field that embrace RSS feed, social news and bookmarking sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. additionally video and blogging sites. Social media optimization normally refers to optimizing your web site and content to be as socially-shareable as potential.


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is one of the effective methods of getting higher rank of your website in search engines, namely Google, Yahoo or Bing. When a internet user hunts for products or services, your website shows up among the top rankers. We help the search engines in recognizing your real value by way of placing specific keywords, mostly searched by internet users. Search Engine Optimization is a complex process. One should opt for highly skilled and experienced search engine optimizers.

Web New Technologies is a team of veteran SEO’s who provide 24/7 support to clients. We help in reviewing the site content or structure and developing the effective content for your website. In addition, we research the relevant keywords and manage the online business development campaigns. Webnewtechnologies ensures you top ranking and highly visible website.

We make use of necessary HTML clues that help search engines in determining relevancy. SEO’s at Webnewtechnologies are skilled with efficient SEO strategies and planning, With target market analysis, competitor’s analysis, keyword analysis, meta, content optimizations and off page SEO activities, we offer appropriate solutions for our clients.

Benefits you get with our SEO services.

  • Lucrative Business: We provide higher quality traffic and lucrative business for our clients.
  • Higher Visibility: We give your product or service, a particular image or brand identification on the web.
  • Competitive Edge: We are the best source for establishing trust and credibility of your business.
  • Maximum Value at Lowest Possible Marketing Cost: Webnewtechnologies offer impeccable services at lowest possible marketing cost.
  • Detailed Reporting and Tracking: We believe in high quality and transparent services. With regular ranking reports and detailed traffic reports, Webnewtechnologies is one of the reliable and supportive companies in India.


Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimizations is one of the most effective methods of promoting the business. It is used for enhancing the online visibility of your website, products and services and above all your business. With the social media optimizations, you can spread awareness in the online periphery and can generate substantial amount of web traffic through social resources including blogs, discussion forums, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Optimizations services are a way to thriving business. Be it small scale business or large scale business, the process is adopted by all sorts of business enterprises. The services require deliberate planning and cohesive efforts. Web New Txechnologies is a team of veteran SMO’s who provide 24/7 support to clients. The SMO’s at Web New Technologies focus on two essential tools − blogging and social bookmarking. Both the methods help in fostering the corporate identity of the brands and generating web traffic.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of advertising and a popular alternative to SEO. With the help of paid search platform offered by Google, a website can bid for advertising space amid the generated search results. The ads link back to a specially-landing page that provide information and encourage the internet user to buy your product. PPC is also known is paid search and it achieves faster results. The targeted ads can be up and run quickly.

With PPC, the business can target larger amount of lucrative search terms. Keyword research and implementation are the two crucial part of Pay Per Click Campaign. Testing and adjusting ad copy are two other processes that improve the performance of the PPC campaign.

Google is the most popular PPC search engine and the PPC advertising program is called AdWords. Yahoo, MSN Live and Ask are some other PPC search engines that offer PPC advertising opportunities. Managing PPC accounts is a complicated endeavour. One needs to have in-depth understanding of PPC campaigns. Webnewtechnologies employs professional PPC specialists and offer impeccable services.


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